Time to travel.

Pack lightly and bring with you only the essentials required so that you can embrace this new movement with a lightness of body and spirit.

the hero's journey

Like the snake that sheds its skin so can you shed all that is old and jaded and faded, be it thoughts or beliefs or people, be it a habit or behaviour. There is something new that is being born within you. There is a new path that has opened up for you. There are roads aplenty to take, many paths that are unexplored that are calling out to you. What you pack in your little rucksack will determine what paths you traverse so think carefully and pack accordingly for the freedom to travel those roads will come with a light pack.

All the experiences you have had, all the defining moments, they are with you but they are not who you are. Appreciate them but don’t let them define you. Release them willingly to make room for new experiences.

Feel the excitement of a new journey and trust that saying yes to the beckoning winds will lead you to the perfect people, places and situations for your maximum growth.

Trust that you are ready ❤️.

This beautiful deck is called The Hero’s Journey. Art by Rossouli.

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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