Fortune’s Wheel.

You will find a settling down and a feeling of alignment within as Fortune’s Wheel turns in your favour today. The Wheel of Fortune always comes with a reminder that good fortune and not-so-good fortune are two sides of the same coin and what goes up must come down. In this case, however, the coin toss is in your favour and today should be a good day.

Expect some good luck today or an unexpected windfall, or maybe some good news or a work opportunity. If you can, try and fix that important meeting or job interview today knowing that luck is on your side. See if you can but if it doesn’t happen easily don’t push your luck ;).

Fortune's wheel, wheel of fortune tarot card meaning

You may find an internal alignment like a eureka moment where disparate pieces suddenly fall together. You may gain clarity on your path or purpose. The Wheel of Fortune is a direction card as well so what happens today could be guiding you to your true North. It could also mean that you need to adjust your direction so be aware of what messages you get today.

Traffic lights and their colour are good signs from the universe so usually red will mean a no and green a yes. You could try asking the universe for a sign, if you have a question and then just watch out for the colours you happen to see or notice if you get mostly red or green lights at the traffic signal. If you have a asked your question and you run into a roadblock and have to take an alternate route then you have your answer as well.

You should feel in sync with the universe today and most things will happen organically and spontaneously. Make sure you don’t get in the way of the Wheel or you could get trampled. This is especially for those of us who have trouble letting go of control. Today, it is best that you let go of the reins and let the Wheel be your guide and it will lead you true.

Have a lucky day ❤

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