Moving forward.

I pulled out this moving forward card and almost put it back because it was a similar message to the past two days, then I remembered the message for the first week of November and now it seems that these are consecutive messages. There seems to be a shift and alignment of energies this week and the cards seem to be preparing us to max this energy of moving ahead, to let go of things things that are holding us back, be it a feeling of unreadiness or disappointment in the past.

moving forward, movement ahead, mystical wisdom oracle card deck

Any energy re-alignment is usually preceded by chaos, almost like the high octane energy of chaos is needed to birth something new. If you are feeling a sense of displacement or confusion, or if things around you seem like they are moving at a chaotic pace, don’t worry, it is just that the current energy needs to be shaken out so that something new can enter.

This means that you will need to tide over the next few days of chaos. I’ve got house guests, good friends in Goa with more expected and there is a bulldozer creating a racket outside! I’ve got the Gratitude exercise that still needs a think (should be ready by next week) and other stuff. But this too shall pass so I expect it to smoothen out in the next day or so. Sometimes it just helps to know that the chaos is with a purpose and that makes it much more manageable. The chaos could be external but that is a reflection of your internal state (it could also be only internal for you). If your head feels stuffed with thoughts or you feel that your emotions are all over the place, don’t try to make sense of it right now. Do what needs doing with enough time to take a rest and it will get better.

You can give yourself some help to tide this over – salt baths help, barefoot walking on grass helps, or a gentle massage, any grounding and centring exercise will help. Or you could ask for Reiki on Friday :).

I’ve been meaning to start a ‘Friday Reiki’ practice but the timing has never seemed right. Going by what the cards are saying I guess I should just start and figure out how it goes. So, Friday Reiki is a pay-as-you-like offer where you can send a request here on WordPress or on email ( Best to send in the request latest by Thursday as the Reiki will happen on Friday. If the one time Reiki works for you then well and good but if you feel like you need more, send another request the following Thursday. This is pay as you like so you can choose to pay whatever you feel is right for you, just ensure that it reaches with your request ;).

Embrace the chaos today ❀

*Today’s card is from the Mystical Wisdom Card Deck by Gaye Guthrie

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