Start where you are.

The best time to start is to start where you are now. There is no perfect time as now. It may seem that you are not ready, that it is too soon. It may feel like there are so many other things to get out of the way before you start. It may feel like the timing sucks. But this, now, is the right time because there is no such thing as perfect timing, just right timing.

start where you are

You may find yourself busy and distracted today with too many things that need your attention but if an opportunity comes your way – just say yes to it. The rest will take care of itself.

It could be that you feel that you are not qualified, that you need to do some more work before you can take that step forward towards what you want (or take that step towards what is in front of you), the universe wants you to know that you are ready and whatever needs to be learnt by you can be done on the job. You don’t need to wait for any more knowledge or information, just go ahead. It could be a job or a project that is making you hesitate but don’t let it and just start where you are right now.

You may have had some relationships sour in the recent past and you may be shying away from a new relationship or friendship. Give yourself a good talking-to and go ahead and make that first move.

Maybe you’ve just been procrastinating for a while now and maybe it’s just lethargy, know that it is time to get up and take the first step today.

Whatever it is that comes your way today – a person, a course, an opportunity – and you don’t feel ready to take it on, just pause and reconsider and know that it’s absolutely perfect to start where you are.

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