You know what to do.

Back from my break and here’s a new deck. This one is Mike Dooley’s notes from the universe. I love his particular brand of Spirituality, light and fun and sometimes just so irreverent… It really speaks to me because it’s not always about love and light and all that’s nice but about accepting and acknowledging the darkness and embracing life in all its colours.

Today’s message is to trust your heart and to follow the inner knowing. In the battle between the heart and the mind, always follow the heart because it is a lot easier for your mind to catch up with your heart than your heart to your mind (which can sometimes be impossible).

mike dooley card deck

No offence to the mind but the mind can be a trickster at times. It can skew perspective and it does tell tales, even to otself. The heart though beats to only its own true rhythm and wants what it wants in the purest possible way. If you have to choose, choose the heart and it won’t lead you astray.

To listen, you can place your left hand on your heart and ask your question. If the heart feels lighter then the answer is yes. If it feels heavier then you have your answer as well. A racing heart is not necessarily a yes, a calm, sure heart is.

Have a lovely day 💖.

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