When the Hierophant appears in a reading the message is to embrace the conventional, the traditional, the tried and tested. Now is not the time to to be innovative or take a different approach but rather to go with something that is already established, that is something of a tradition.

the hierophant, tarot

This could be in terms of beliefs and values so if there is something new-fangled out there that you find yourself interested in or if someone is trying to sell you a new way of thinking and believing, then take a cautionary approach and let it settle over you before jumping in.

If you are tempted to elope, the cards suggest that it may not be the best idea and going with a wedding may be a much better one for all concerned. The same goes for business as well. Invest in the traditional blue-chip companies and ideas rather a start-up and you will be better served for it. Also, at work, follow the systems and processes that are set rather than try to speed things along by doing something that is not by the book.

The Hierophant could also suggest that you are desirous of belonging to a group, a club or a cause. Something that is already established. And you may be going through some internal dialogue of having to give up some of your individuality in order to belong. This is a good thing to weigh for yourself as you go forward. The card just suggests that belonging to this group may be a good thing for you.

Have a super day <3.

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