The eight of pentacles shows a young woman tending to her garden. The vines are going and with love and attention, they will start blossoming soon.

The card comes with the message to continue doing what you are doing, your hard work will pay off soon enough. Sometimes the fruits of our labour take some time coming so don’t give up yet, you are on the cusp of success in whatever you have undertaken.

8 of pentacles, tarot

We all go through the frustration of putting in the effort and the result taking more time than anticipated. A time comes when we start wondering if the effort is worth it at all and whether it is better to just stop. If it is that time for you, take heart because the results are near and success is assured. This may be a work project or maybe you have been doing some self-work or even a creative project that you have undertaken. Whatever it is, keep at it for now and you will be rewarded for it.

If you are not currently engaged in any such activity then ask yourself what could that pursuit be for you. Having a goal or pursuing an activity can be good for the soul. It need not be a big goal or activity but something that keeps you engaged for longer than a few days. It can be a creative activity or even some new learning.

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