The blade.

A blade or any such sharp object can be used as a weapon – we can slash, stab and even kill with it. It can also be used to defend and protect ourselves and others. It can also be used to build or create, as a tool it has multiple uses.

We are often wary of the weapons we have because we think of them only as a means to cut and wound. This could be our sharp mind or a sharp tongue, maybe it’s our anger which we think can only hurt, maybe it’s honesty or bluntness which feels like a sharp object. When we think of these on in only this one dimension we are not really maximising the use of the resources we have because we would have rejected or suppressed these.

The blade is just the blade – whether it’s used it as a tool or weapon is entirely up to the person wielding it. Even when it is a weapon it can be used to protect. Today’s message is to think about these tools you have or even weapons you have in your arsenal which you simply don’t use because you think them to be too dangerous. It’s time to look at them with new eyes and use them for their functionality.

Instead of suppressing your sharp tongue maybe look to using it to do good and affect change. There is space in this world for it, which is why it has been gifted to you. Take your anger and channel it to fight a cause or simply use it to stand up for yourself. Anger can be a great catalyst, it is the fire in the belly that gets things done. Don’t be afraid of these tools and don’t mistake them for only weapons.

The cards invite you to draw your blade and use it without hestitation or overthinking. The universe is aligned to support you in claiming your power, so take decisive action. Overcome your fear of hurting others, unsheathe the blade, and use it wisely!

Published by Darpan

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