Once upon a time, a fisherman saw a Selkie transform into a beautiful woman and he was so taken by her beauty that he stole her sealskin, trapping her in her human form. After years of marriage, her son found the sealskin and returned it to her. The selkie donned her skin and returned home to the waves, taking her son with her.

message from the seal,

The story is about us and about our shapeshifting nature. We often decide that we will be one thing not another, not realising that we can be both. The Selkie can be a woman and can love a man and her child but she is also a wild creature of the waves. In the story, the fisherman steals away her skin but in our story, we ourselves take away our skins.

We tell ourselves so many stories – now that I am an adult, I cannot behave in this childish way, now that I am a mother I must be this way, now that I am a therapist, I should be like this. The Selkie’s story is about being in touch with our base nature. That primal nature we all have, that thing that make us who we are. We often deny that side of us and many of us disdain it, choosing instead, what we consider to be a higher calling. The higher calling cannot be met if we don’t take care of our baser nature and satisfy it first.

Today’s message is to look and to see what within is being denied. What is that call of the wild that is being ignored. To see it and to accept that part of us. To understand that this shapeshifting nature is normal and natural, we needn’t be this or that, we can be this and that. What would you do if you found your sealskin?

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