Maybe you had an idea or inspiration the last few days. Maybe you have made some plans about a project. The plans seem solid enough and there seems to be enough commitment from your end to see them through.

There is an ask from the cards today though – an ask to not limit yourself, to not be afraid to think bigger than you have, to have more expansion in your ideas and plans.

Your plans may reflect your current capacity but you will grow as you move along implementing it and there will be capacity to grow and expand your vision as well.

It’s not about having a flight of fantasy but to have enough stretch so that the project or plan can be at its full potential and at your full potential.

This week ask yourself this, with all that you do – is this expansive enough, does it have enough stretch, am I operating with limited beliefs.

There may also be an opportunity to travel this week and that in itself is an expansion.

Have a lovely week ❤

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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