August Offer.

The offer for August is a 3 Question reading –

What do I need to know? – what is the message from the universe at this point in time, what direction should you be headed, what to expect in the near future.

What do I need to grow? – what what are the things you should have more of in your life, what talents and skills can you hone, what relationships should you deepen.

What do I need to let go? – What are the things that are preventing you from moving forward, what thoughts, ideas, behaviours should you consider leaving behind, what are the things that no longer serve you, What changes will make the movement forward happen.

Reading is on call or mail only, for Rs. 1500/-. Bookings are open till tomorrow, 15th August – the reading will be after, at a mutually agreed date & time.

Hit reply on the mail or whatsapp me at 8459303602.

Love, D

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