Giving & Taking.

Somewhere between our sacral and root chakra is the seat of our power. It’s there for the taking and we can access it anytime we want but sometimes we forget and we lose that connection to our personal power. These are the times when we feel frazzled, when we feel alone, when we feel helpless. If such an occasion arises then the thing to do is breathe and feel that core of power within. It is also a good idea to access it every now and then, just to feel it, experience it and to grow it.

The warrior woman knows that this personal power is the power of the self. It is not an aggressive power, it doesn’t cause you to go and fight or to be angry at someone. In fact, being angry at someone is giving away that power. This power is a quiet place, a place of absolute certainty, of truth. When we access it and operate from this place we find it easier to stand up for ourselves, to stand our ground and speak our truth. We find it easier to know and maintain our boundaries.

warrior goddess alana fairchid

Many years ago, someone asked me if I was a giver or taker. I didn’t have an answer then but I am now thinking that the question is not are you a giver or a taker but how do you give and how do you take. We are urged to be givers at an early age, told that somehow it is a higher calling than being a taker. But there are ways of giving that can actually emasculate the other. And there are ways of taking that can really empower the other.

By giving we not only deprive and deplete ourselves but also do a disservice to the other by taking away their power. I recently saw someone doing this over-giving, and initially I thought that it was making me uncomfortable because of the over-giving but then I started seeing it differently – I saw it as a means of exerting control over the others. By giving, a dependency gets created and that is control, and like it or not, we have all done this at one point or another.

Taking, on the other hand, is communicating to the other exactly what you want rather than leaving the other to second guess it. To let the other know exactly what gives you pleasure and what does not. It then becomes an empowering tool that we hand over to the other. And we do this too, how many times do we say, surprise me, almost like a test of some sort.

When we operate from our personal power we empower not only ourselves but the other as well. There is balance in the giving and taking. I am using the word taking deliberately because receiving is too passive here.

This is the message for the week – to get in touch with your personal power and to observe when you operate from that core and when you give it away or even when you take it from someone.

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