The Journey.

I love the art in this card, the little elephant, the hot air balloon, a palace of dreams, it all seems so magical. The card represents the journey of the little elephant as she moves on from his home to explore distant lands. How long will she travel? When and where will she drop anchor? What memories does she carry, of home and hearth and of relationships close and far?

a long way home, oracle of mystical moments.

This card is a call for a little think as we continue on our journey. What memories do you carry with you? Which ones pop up first for you- are they memories of support and encouragement or are they of rebuke and hesitation? Which ones would you rather be carrying, because these memories will shape and light your path.

It is not just memories of our families but also our teachers and mentors. It doesn’t always have to be about blaming the other, for the eyes of the child and the eyes of the adult are completely different things. It’s not always how things were but how we perceive them now. I remember my niece, when she was about 6 or 7 years old, bursting into tears because she thought we were laughing at her when we just laughing at an adult joke that we didn’t want to share with her. It was not intentional on our part but it did hurt her feelings and at the very least we were excluding her. I see the incident very differently ten years on and I am sure she does too.

The question is, are our memories strong to fill a castle and light enough to buoy our voyage? Can we rifle through our memories to see the ones that are dampening us and maybe we can see them with different eyes? Is it time to drop anchor or to journey on?

Happy pondering today ❤

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