Small Steps.

It’s been raining incessantly for the last week and while I love the rain it has been a bit much, even for me and I am longing for the sun. If you have been feeling blue as well the last few days, this is a hello, I feel you and the situation is only temporary from the Universe. It may not only be you or your circumstance, it could just be the energy of the past few days.

Sometimes we miscalculate the extent of our reach, what we think will take ten steps could actually be more like twenty steps. Sometimes we forget that our goal itself can undergo transformation. Sometimes we talk ourselves into taking really large and unrealistic steps and then end up feeling low and inadequate.

The card urges you to take reasonable steps forward. To recognise that everything is a process and can only be done taking one step at a time.

I was reminded the other day about how, in Yoga, you don’t do a pose but really ease into the pose. It is best done slowly, with complete awareness of all parts of your body not just the parts doing the pose. Not to forget the attention to the breath at all times. At the start of the pose you can only do so much but you can make small shifts and it get easier to do a little more. The message is somewhat the same. There is a lot going on within you as you take every step, there is a lot that happens, the gears and cogs turning and falling into place so give it time but also don’t let your attention wander. Don’t feel low and give up. Don’t get bored yet and start doing something else. You are fine where you are and it is well done of you to get to this place.

Whatever shifts you want to make will happen, just take them one step at a time.

Have a happy day <3.

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