Red Garden.

I don’t know how last week was for you but it was really hectic for me. I barely had time sink into anything. In the zipping from here to there, houseguests and regular work, it felt like I was skimming the surface and wasn’t really able to savour anything.

This card is a reminder to take time to smell the roses as we walk down the garden of life. To be grateful for the simple pleasures of everyday life. To breathe in the fragrance of that first cup of coffee, to savour that first sip of coffee and not just gulp it down on the way out. To extend ourselves for others but to take care of ourselves first. I’m taking an hour out for myself this morning, houseguests second, me first.

We know this, but sometimes we get caught up with the rush of living and need these gentle reminders to slow down and to be grateful to the regular, mundane, everyday things we so often take for granted.

If you do the practice of keeping a gratitude journal then maybe you could just add in the gratitude for the little everyday things. If you don’t, it may be a good time to start :). A gratitude journal is a little book that you write on every night, ten things that you are grateful for. It’s a lifetime habit which really has the potential to change how you look at life and how life comes to you.

The Monday card is usually a card for the week but this one seems more a stand alone message. Let’s see what comes up tomorrow.

Have a lovely day <3.

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