Body temple.

Today is a reminder to listen to your body. To pay attention to its rhythm and moods. To be in touch and to be in tune and to respond to its needs and desires.

women's wisdom oracle deck

If your body is tired, give it rest today. If your body want to stretch and grow, give it that. If your body wants pampering, you can give it that. It may not entail going to a spa but maybe just doing a nice lengthy round of moisturising. See how you feel this morning body-wise and act accordingly.

So many times we eat when all our body wants is some water because we mistake one signal for another. Before you eat what is in front of you, ask your body – is this what it needs/wants?

Sometimes we think that a salad is good and eat it automatically but according to ayurveda, this is the season for a nice stir fry. One sure way of not going wrong is to listen to your body.

The other thing which our body knows really well is how we are feeling emotionally. We hear or see something which our rational mind may dismiss but it shows up in our bodies. It could be sadness of something lost or anger at something remembered or disappointment or a feeling of unworthiness. If you are feeling out of sorts, you could try connecting with your body for a few minutes and see what comes up for you. Stay with the feeling even if you remember an incident and just simply pay attention to that feeling.

Body blessings to you today.

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