Invite magic in.

I am so loving the cards for this week. The goddess of fortune is in your corner today in ways known to you and in many ways unknown to you. If you need a sign then yellow flowers or anything brightly or unexpectedly yellow can be considered a sign for you.

Good fortune oracle card, invite magic in

You know that you are as lucky as you believe yourself to be. If by any chance you’ve been doubting that, it’s time to change it back to believing that you are!

Send out the energy of a good outcome rather than doubt or negativity and you will be rewarded for it. It does help to know that all outcomes are undoubtedly good even when they seem to not be and this belief can go a long way towards always feeling blessed.

Same goes for Magic. If you believe in magic you can see it unfolding all around you. There is magic in the beautiful wild flowers that sprout overnight after the first rain and in the butterflies that swarm around them. This world is a magical place and you are invited to partake and participate in the magic.

Have a blessed day ❤

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