The Yin is the feminine side, of receiving, of inaction, of softness and compassion, and of personal power. It is more the self-self rather than the self in relation to others.

Whenever you think of gentleness and compassion as not-so-powerful, remind yourself that the word for power is Shakti and she is the divine feminine. You are powerful beyond measure and you have the power to get behind what you believe in. Power without compassion can be corrupting and it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, you need to allow all of the yin side to rise up today.

There is great power in receiving as well and think about how much power you have to hurt when you refuse to receive.

It is a day for receiving and while that energy is flowing take time to observe your relationship with receiving. Try to observe how you receive, today. Is it with hesitation? Is it with too much gratitude or too little? Are you happy with what you receive? Do you feel it is deserved? Are you aware of where all you are receiving from?

Pay attention to your body as well – arms crossed are a no to receiving, also when the arms are too tight on the sides of the body. Keep them open and keep yourself open to receiving as well ❤

Published by Darpan

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