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You may have an opportunity to collaborate with someone on a project today and there may be a reluctance on your part to commit to that partnership. It may be that in the past such collaborations did not go so well for you or that you feel that there will be too much compromise from your end. These concerns are valid but they should not stop you from working with people. After all, you do collaborate with Spirit and that relationship works really well!

If your concern is that there will be too much compromise and you will not be true to yourself then make sure that you have set good enough boundaries for yourself. Even when you remain true to yourself compromise is possible. Just be inclusive of others and their ideas as you are of your own but if you feel strongly about something then there is your boundary.

Ask yourself if you are competing with each other or if you are complementing each other. If it’s the latter then maybe work out the reason why competition exists in the relationship.

Never be afraid of shining or letting the other shine as well – two stars create more light.

Today’s card encourages you to enter into a collaboration with a person or a group. Good things will come out of this partnership.

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