4 of Swords.

Seems like this week is going to be about healing. The four of swords suggests a time of rest and inaction. If yesterday was a hectic day then consider today to be a bonus Sunday. If you started doing the third-eye exercises yesterday then take a break today and continue tomorrow (or do the essential oil one today).

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If there has been an altercation with someone or have been stressed or worried about something then the four of swords comes with a message to take some time-out. When we step back from a situation, we regain our perspective. Stepping back also means that we are removing ourselves from the things that trigger a reaction from us. If there is decision to be made today then don’t push yourself, sleep over it tonight and you will be clearer tomorrow.

It is challenging to be inactive when so many things are swirling around you but that is exactly why it’s important to be still. It is not a good idea to take a decision or to take action when our thoughts are jumbled. Although there is relief when a decision is taken, you may regret it later. Breathe through any agitation and try to be by yourself. The picture on the card reminds me of Savasana and maybe that is something you can do if you find it difficult to switch off.

Have a restful day ❤

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