Come as you are.

Today’s message is to celebrate your weirdness :). All the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you uniquely you, all the weird habits, all the irrationalities, all the stuff that makes you feel self conscious – embrace it and celebrate it.

I was just telling R yesterday how weird I looked in my interview at the exhibition. How I fling my arms about and how I should practice before coming in front of the camera. I am feeling rather emboldened by this message so Imma gonna put my video here – just to celebrate my weirdness!

Don’t try to fit in, to conform, it never works because all of us are completely unique and all the people who look like they belong – they don’t actually, they only look like they do. When you show up as you are it gives others permission to be who they are as well. Don’t hide your quirks because in that attempt to belong you move away from yourself. The first place you must belong is to yourself and if that doesn’t happen then you will never feel that belonging anywhere else.

Don’t be afraid to show your weirdness because people may leave. Well, they’ll leave anyway, if they are meant to, because everyone responds to energy and if yours is not genuine it will make a fall-out happen. Isn’t it better that you show your true self and people leave, if they leave, for the real reasons. It is also such a pressure off your body and energy to not hide or pretend.

If someone has things to say about your quirks, laugh at/with them and maybe feel compassion because they are probably missing the best parts of themselves. Just allow yourself to be in front of people who you are when you are by yourself. Be a slouch if that’s who you are, eat a tub of ice cream if you want, wear mismatched clothes if that works for you.

Celebrate your weird today ❀

The interview:

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