I wonder if a feeling of judgement or self-criticism came up with the past few posts because today comes this message of inclusion and balance. In the eyes of the universe, there is no good or bad, there is only yin and yang. There are differences and opposites but there is no good or bad.

The cards are asking you to take a balanced approach to yourself. Don’t berate yourself for the I could have, I should haves. You are not omniscient and you are certainly not perfect. You are only human and are perfect in your imperfections. This ideal person that we all have in our mind doesn’t exist and the sooner we realise it the easier life becomes.

We can hold ourselves and others to this high standard but that way lies only disappointment. The other’s fall from the pedestal is the most disappointing thing in the world and this ideal you is going to be forever unattainable. Let go this ideal image and enjoy the beauty and glory of all that makes you human. Bring balance into the way you see yourself and how you view others. Ease up on the expectations you have set for yourself – on how to be, how to behave, to always have a positive attitude, the list is endless. Take a deep breath and enjoy however and whoever you want to be today. It’s ok to be sad today or mean or to be sharp, get it out of the system and tomorrow you can be happy and kind and caring. Balance is saying nay as well as aye.

Balance is accepting all parts of you because rejecting one part means rejecting the whole. Same goes for the other. Imagine putting together a human made of different parts that you like – it would be Frankenstein’s monster. And rejecting parts of you is like removing parts and that is definitely going to make you unbalanced. Remember, you don’t need to change anything about yourself, you just need to love yourself the way you are.

Enjoy your wabi-sabiness today ❤

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