Black diamond.

Black diamond is the bearer of pretty powerful spiritual mojo. She shines with a dark beauty through the soul that has been able to withstand great intensity and remain intact. She is the fearsome Kali, she is Inanna’s descent and the warrior goddess Morrigan. She is the protector of you and she holds you close as you confront your deepest fears. She is working with you now, transforming your attitude towards fear, learning how to feel it without being overcome by it.

It takes great courage and fortitude to face our fears, even as we talk about them casually and sometimes dismiss them as frivolous. There is no fear that is too small or too frivolous – even the tiniest one produces a bodily reaction, which btw, is a good way to identify what scares us. It can produce a body reaction of heat or cold, it can freeze us and it can make our adrenaline pump. It can be fear of rejection or fear of being alone or even being embarrassed. Observe what is causing your body to react and recognise that it runs far deeper than you think.

We do tend to push fear into a corner, to tuck it into a quiet, dark place where we can ignore it. Black diamond says that is time to confront this fear as it is keeping you from living fully. What this fear is, only you can tell. See what comes up for you today. Watch how you feel it in your body. Observe what is holding you back from your dreams and desires.

You can trust the universe will be there to hold you as you look at that small, dark, tucked away space of you. Beyond that dark space are many gifts awaiting you. The universe wants you to know that you are strong and courageous enough to make friends with your own darkness. That this wonderful blend of dark and light is what makes life and keeps us fully alive.

Muchos love.

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