Yesterday, I was reminded that it was Mahashivratri and how the message of finding beauty in everything was so apt. It feels that today’s message of release is a corollary to that – Shiva does encourage you to purge the negative and impure from your inner and outer world.

It is time to release yourself from a negative attachment to somebody or something that has hurt you in the past. You may have physically removed the person from your environment but having the person in your thoughts means that they are still hurting you. When we have negative and inflammatory thoughts about a person, the only person we harm is ourselves. Letting go is not about the other person at all – you are not condoning the other person’s actions at all, instead, you are choosing to take your power back and live your life.

When we release someone or something, rather only when we release can we create space for something new, something different in our lives.

Healing is a process of many steps and you can only take one step at a time. Even if you feel that you have done some work in the past, do some more work.

One way to know what you want to release from you is to think about the thing that has the maximum negative charge for you. The person who causes you to tighten your body, or make your heart hurt or make your belly churn. or a situation that does the same.

You can seek help from a healer or search for ‘cord cutting’ exercise on the net or you can do the following exercise by yourself.

Sit in a comfortable position with arms and legs uncrossed and your eyes closed. Invoke Shiva energies to help you with the exercise (if you want, else skip this step). Imagine that the person (or situation) sitting opposite you. Now experience the sensation in your body, where do you feel the energy? If you feel it in more than one place, then ask the body to take you to the main one or just go to the one which has the maximum charge.

Imagine a cord from that spot to the person you want to release. Very gently, visualize a knife or scissors and cut the cord. If you feel unable to do this – ask for help from Lord Shiva or the universe. Once the cord is cut imagine the person fading, moving far away from you, till you can no longer see them. Check the remaining cord with yourself, imagine it wilting and falling off your body. You can apply a healing touch to it if needed. You can also fill up the empty space in your body with this healing touch if needed. Thank Lord Shiva and open your eyes.

Remember to do the exercise only with one person. It may be tempting to repeat the exercise but do it only once in a week or so – slower the healing, better it is :).

Blessings for some lovely support energies with you today.


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