Dunno what happened to the other post but don’t feel like rewriting it so here’s the one that was meant to be for today 😊.

Sadness, loss, pain, grief, has been in and around me for some time now and I now see it with very different eyes. For some reason we like to couch things that make us uncomfortable or that makes others uncomfortable. We tend to show our ‘every thing is fine’ face and use euphemisms like ‘death is just change’ or even justifications like ‘it’s better this way’.

While there is no denying that something new is borne out of something dying and there is nothing to do but be in agreement with loss and change. Loss is still loss, sadness is still sadness. By denying that they exist and trying to move on too quickly to the positive is doing a great disservice to yourself.

It is good to think positive thoughts and moving on is inevitable but take a moment, pause a while and stay with the sadness and sense of loss. Feel it to its max and then when you feel full with it, only then is it time to let it go.

The message is about loss and sadness today and I’m not going to couch it with any platitudes. It may be the end of a relationship or a job and even if it was no longer working for you and even though something else will come around the corner for you, allow yourself to feel sad for the end of what was. It’s okay to feel sad and it’s okay to grieve and okay for others to be a little uncomfortable while you deal with it.

Much love and a big hug to you today❀️.

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