What energy do you bring into the room?

Our energy and vibration speak so much louder than words. When we go over to someone’s place we usually carry a little something (a plant or a gift or wine) with us but we also carry a big thing that is our energy and vibration. When we take ourselves because of a sense of obligation or because we must/have to, we carry with us the ‘I don’t want to be here’ vibe. We can fake the smiles and our expressions but the energy does not and cannot lie. Although very few people will be able to point it out exactly, they will be left with a feeling of something being off.

Even at the workplace, if you go into a meeting on fight-mode, there is nowhere else the meeting is going to go. We are much more powerful than we think in shaping the immediate world around us. How to change it? – just with awareness (deep breaths also help). Especially today.

There is a situation that can go either way depending on what energy you bring to the table. Focus on the outcome you want and not on what you don’t want. Go or don’t go depending on what your vibes are telling you. Don’t try to fake it in any way – even if it’s out of politeness.

You may notice a pattern that keeps repeating for you, a similar situation that you face over and over again with the same outcome always. Think about the situation with the additional lens of the energy you brought into it and you will immediately see the issue clearly.

Wishing you blissful vibes today ❤

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