This image of the tower reminded me of the story of Rapunzel. It has many interpretations I am sure but the one that strikes me at this point is of the struggle for the unattainable. It starts with Rapunzel’s parents who long for a child and then steal the fruit from the witch’s garden, the consequences of which leads them to give up the one thing they wanted the most. Then of the Prince who loved and lost, of Rapunzel who had to strive to find her love and the Witch who ultimately lost everything. Although the tale has a happy ending, it’s the strive and struggle which is the message from the card. And though there are bursts of joy in the story, those are fleeting and you are left with a feeling of ‘was it worth it?’

We look at the lofty towers and long to be up there. We strive and struggle, and we do sacrifice, knowingly or unknowingly, to climb up the tower. And the view from the top is magnificent but it is also really lonely at the top. The picture of the Tower shows the steps crumbling away, which means that once you reach the top, there is no going back.

If you are at the entryway to the Tower, now is a good time to evaluate your priorities. What will you need to sacrifice to get there? Will it be worth the price for you?

If you left the pathway to the Tower and are having doubts, the universe wants you to know that you made the right decision. Don’t waver, the rewards are and will be worth it.

The premise of the Tower is false which is why the foundations are crumbling away. Sacrifice is a nebulous word and need not mean giving up what you have or own. The sacrifice can be of you, your sense of self, of the ability to feel, or engage, it can be of relationships which are meaningful, and it can be about loss as well. The Tower itself will take but there is nothing for the tower to give back, the only way out is to jump.

It’s not a doom and gloom reading, it’s just asking for you to introspect and asking you to look closely at that thing you want – how much do you want the fruit in the witch’s garden? What are you willing to do for it knowing that it will only lead to fleeting joy? – and maybe realize that it’s glittery but it’s not gold.

Best wishes to you today ❤

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