February ~ Potential & Possiblity

January may have been a time for transition for you – of leaving the familiar behind and journeying to places unknown. Either a physical leaving or an internal transition – of leaving behind the old you, old ideas and beliefs or an earlier way of being and stepping forward to a new you. This newness will serve you well as you take the first step towards February.

February comes with it with a whiff of potential and smattering of possibilities. It feels like it will be a very balanced month with room to work and enough room to play. There may be a time or two when you feel the pinch or lack, in friends or in finances but it will soon pass and you will be back to feeling abundant quickly. The same may be true for the affairs of the heart. There may be heartbreak or heart-hurt but you will bounce back pretty easily – either it was a false alarm or you will soon realise that it was the best thing for you. 

You will find yourself having mastery over your emotions. Not in terms of having control over them but dealing with them in a healthy manner. Sometimes a good cry or beating a pillow can be the best thing we can do for ourselves instead of bottling in the hurt or rage. You may have a feeling of being betrayed by the one you love. You may feel that you have put in so much work in the relationship and you deserve better. At this point, remember that you have mastery over your emotions and you can deal with it in a healthy way. You can choose to have a conversation or you can choose to do some introspection.

The ups and downs of life are a natural part of existence. Sometimes we get knocked down, sometimes we suffer a loss, and all depends on whether we stay knocked down or choose to rise up. The image in the card is of two destitute people who are so lost in their misery that they don’t see the warm light from the window beckoning them. Setbacks happen, how to choose to respond to them is what makes up your life. It may not be good now but the situation can and will change, but not if you focus on what is lost. Keep your attention on what you have and on the potential of the future. The best thing that happens when something doesn’t work out or a door closes is the possibilities that open up. We tend to focus on the closed door, trying our hardest to open it, not realising that so many other doors are open, just waiting for us to walk through them. 

February will be a month where you may feel that you are yo-yo-ing or going around in circles. Some financial loss and then some financial gain, heartbreak but then a shining light, and that is the energy of the month. The High Priestess rules the month of February and duality is her nature. She is both black and white, she is the middle path, and she is inner knowing. The more you accept this duality the easier the month is going to be for you. Keep in mind that in February it’s not ‘either-or’ but ‘and’.

The High Priestess is also a highly intuitive being and your intuition will be heightened this month. Intuition is nothing but the heart and mind in perfect harmony. Intuition is when you instinctively know something without having logical reasoning for it, but it’s not just your heart or gut at play here, there is so much more our subconscious mind knows and sometimes it makes decisions for us by going through the logic and reasoning at a lightning speed, leaving us with an answer or decision that feels right but we don’t quite know how we got there. The mind is fully involved in the process of being intuitive and more likely than not you can retrofit any rational argument to it, so don’t dismiss your intuition as airy-fairy but use it to maximum advantage. 

In the Home front, the Owl comes with a message of wisdom and intuition. Let your intuition guide to making some changes in decor and if someone tells you that leaky taps mean a leak in wealth – listen to that as well. As a general rule fix leaky taps and stopped clocks, they have a strong metaphysical connect. Sometimes your inner voice comes to you in the guise of an external voice. 

In relationships, try to keep your individuality and originality alive. If both parties think and act the same there is no room for growth and gain. Appreciate the other, learn from the other but keep the authentic bits of you alive. If there is an opportunity for you which doesn’t include the other, give it due consideration and try to make it work. In the long term, it is something that could work out for both. 

Work wise you may have a feeling of nostalgia about how things were earlier or even at a previous work-place and although it is good to cherish fond memories, that place, that time, doesn’t exist anymore. Even if you were to go back things would not be the same because you have changed and where you are currently is exactly the right place for you to be. 
February is a month of promise and potential and of duality, of gain and loss, of newness and of mastery. Your intuition will be heightened this month despite the contradictions or maybe because of them. Keep your balance this month and walk the middle path. 

Have an awesome Feb ❤

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