Pachamama, the Goddess of the Earth is known to us by many names. Gaia, Devi, Oshun, Innana. She is the mother goddess, nature itself, the creator of life, of fertility and is revered across cultures. It is her drop of divine blood that flows within us. You can ask for her blessings if undertaking an earth-related project (a new house or planting). In fact, it is a good day to do something earth or nature related. If you feel stuck or unsure about something you can call her for guidance.

It’s definitely a day to walk on grass or just your bare feet on the ground.

Maybe you will be called to support nature conservation today – do answer that call :). Maybe you’ll come across some information or inspiration on how to help the planet and you’ll find it easy to incorporate it in your life. Whatever it is – say yes to it!

Even as she nurtures, there is a dark and terrible form of destruction in her as well – think volcanoes, floods and droughts. Yet that is nature, that is her aspect, and we accept it because that is how it is. I wonder then why it is so difficult to accept the dark and terrible form of ourselves. That is also as natural as it gets. We can be kind one moment and cutting the next. We can be loving to people but snap at them when they annoy us. The message from Pachamama is to be all of yourself – in all your dark glory. Embrace it, don’t hide away from it.

I’ve started reading the Descent to the Goddess, it’s the story of Innana and Ereshkigal (sisters, or maybe aspects of each other?) and how Innana descends to the underworld where Ereshkigal resides. I’ve also been having conversations about ‘womanhood’ with my awesome Therapist. Of how difficult it is to accept that a woman can be a mother and a whore (the beauty of it is that you have to have sex to be a mother!!). Nurturing and destructive. Giver of life and the taker as well. Why do we have to be either or? Why can’t I be both? Again, it’s not so much external than internal. Unconsciously, we are constantly choosing one or the other. No one has ever suggested to me ‘be both’ till now. Here is my submission to you – try choosing both today!

I have tons more to say about sexuality and the wild woman – maybe I’ll do a separate post for that later 🙂

Much love from my dark and light aspect today ❤

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