Love & Relationships.

Today is a good day to reach out and connect with a friend, a partner, a neighbour or even family. There are no coincidences or accidents when it comes to relationships and proximity to someone is always, always part of the divine plan. You don’t choose your neighbours or community – it is chosen for you. You don’t accidentally run into someone – you are guided there.

Pay attention to who unexpectedly meets/calls you today or if you happen to meet someone new today. The universe wants you to know that this person is significant for you. I repeatedly ran into this guy a couple of years ago and then one day I was stranded on the road and guess who happened to be passing by?! I haven’t run into him lately so I’m thinking that the reason for the coincidence is over.

It is said that people are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. All three are equally important and significant. Sometimes the person you meet for a season introduces you to the lifetime-person. The universe works in mysterious ways and you really don’t know who or what may be significant to you but you can be nice to strangers today as the universe is giving you a heads up.

Also, don’t be sad when people leave (for whatever reason). The reason & season people will leave sooner or later. It is as natural as the falling of dead leaves off a tree, sometimes they fall on their own and sometimes they need to be pruned. Don’t blame them or yourself for that ending – it just ran its natural course and holding on to something that has ended never goes well for both parties.

The lifetime guys now – you can try as hard as want but you will never be able to get rid of them. You may throw them out of your life and sooner or later they will find their way back into your life. Don’t cry over the ‘one that got away’, if it’s meant to be he/she will find their way back to you. I know a couple who broke up, married other people, got divorced and now are back together – they obviously had some unfinished business to finish in order to be with each other. And if the person is out of your life then you have the space for something new.

Look and see who pops up today. And maybe end the day with gratitude for the richness and abundance of relationships you have, have had and will have ❤ ❤ ❤


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