Have a Good Night.

Did you see the Moon the last few nights? It’s been so gorgeous, like a fat lantern hung in the sky. And so close, like you could reach out and touch her. It’s felt especially potent to me this time – did you feel it too?

I could have done with this blessing the last couple of nights, the full moon always brings with it insomnia for me. How does it affect you, have you noticed a pattern? But the full moon has also brought a blessing of release for me this time. Dunno if you’ve noticed but this blog has had a bit of a revamp :), mostly thanks to Revati @haathitime. All happened the last few days and as I write this post I realise that I never mentioned that Aara is me going solo. Mona and Kanika have moved to other things so this is all me.

The last few days felt like I was letting go the sadness of that ending, not just for them but also for Reiki Bus, and finding that closure finally. With that ending has come a new-beginning and I feel excited about this step of the journey and also feel the liberation of moving unencumbered. And I love my pink page :).

What blessing did this moon bring for you?

Sometimes insomnia is about a current worry or stress when the chatter of the mind just doesn’t stop, and sometimes it is all the repressed stuff in the subconscious which emerges when you finish a day of doing. (I’m including a disturbed night, even if it’s just mosquitos biting you in insomnia). It’s good to go with the flow here and surrender to the wisdom and guidance of the celestial moon.

Hope you sleep like a baby tonight ❀

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