Inside out.

Our external world is just a reflection of what is going on inside us. It is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. If things are not so good outside, take a moment to reflect what is going on within.

If you are feeling rejected, figure out what parts of yourself you are rejecting. If you are feeling judged, what about yourself do you hold judgement about.

Try this exercise – pick a word or phrase that describes how life is right now. Then relate it to how you feel about yourself. You will find the answer pretty quickly.

I’ve been feeling that I can’t see so well lately and then last week when the lens turned inward and I saw what needed to be seen, the world seems clearer again.

It need not be a big life pattern but even a small thing that is niggling at you. Have a go and tell me how it goes for you.

Have a lovely Tuesday 💚

Published by Darpan

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