A blessing of words.

It is challenging at times to find the right words to express our feelings. The struggle is to say what we want to say without causing offence or harm, and in this struggle for balance we end up with a watered down version of what needs to be said, which causes confusion and misunderstanding. Sometimes we want to speak words of love and the thought of rejection holds us back, causing the words to stick in the back of your throat (if you’ve been doing some throat clearing, now you know what it is 😊).

This blessing comes to you today for the right words, words that are kind yet express how you feel, words that flow without a hitch, words that are understood as they were intended.

May you be blessed with the words that stir hearts and make stronger connections. May the doors of understanding open for you. May you speak up where you were once silent. May you sing words of inspiration. May you sing your song with a beautiful, clear voice.

If you are speaking publicly today, worry not, it will be brilliant and you can call upon Saraswati to aid you in your speech.

Blessed be ❤️

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