Message from the Fox.

The fox is known for her cunning and the art of deception. Here she is posing as a muffler.

The message from the Fox is to not deceive yourself, no matter what the circumstances are. The message is of manipulation and deception. And it could be that there is someone out to deceive you but that is only a reflection of your own self deception.

None of us are completely honest all the time and none of us are expected to be. We are however, expected to be totally, completely, fully, honest with ourselves. Reflect upon the untruths you tell yourself. These aren’t good for your soul because with these untruths you are rejecting parts of yourself. Every part of you is beautiful and perfect as it is. There will be a time to grow and evolve and that time will come when you are ready. By rejecting parts of you, by choosing to unsee, there is no possibility of that ever happening.

We sometimes convince ourselves to do things and be things, using some justification in our minds. Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t do/be what you are not. Follow your truth and be your true self.

Accept the truth as it is and it will set you free, free to be you. And that you is a beautiful, brilliant, shining light and you have nothing to be ashamed of and there is no reason to hide because you are perfect in your imperfection.

Don’t give in to manipulation today, not even your own 💟.

Published by Darpan

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