It’s more than you think.

You may be feeling manipulated or controlled by a person or situation. Maybe you are aware of it or maybe you just have a feeling of wariness around someone or something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you are trying to make some movements but are being obstructed in every turn which is making you frustrated.

The cards want you to know two things. First, you are stronger than you know and the second is that you have more possibilities than you realise.

The card shows a trapped puppet and it may be that you feel that way. Like someone else is manipulating the situation and you, and you think that there is no way out. However, the second card is the strength card and that card says that you have the strength to cut the strings and remove the cage. It could mean the mental or emotional strength that will help you out of this quagmire.

We all have trouble with confrontation. Sometimes because we don’t want the ugliness that comes with a fight and sometimes we have way too many emotions for the other person and we mistakenly believe that we will end up hurting them. In either case the only person who gets hurt is you.

The person whom you are trying to protect is probably trying to protect you or is misinformed. Gird your loins today and have a conversation, ask questions and understand the full picture. You don’t have to go in to fight but you can stand your ground very peaceably. There is some unreliable or misleading information in the situation and it would serve you to get all the facts and the only way to do that is to ask. Remember, you have the strength to extricate yourself from this feeling, this situation. The universe is rooting for you.

Go do it today 💚

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