4 of cups.

New invitations and opportunities are coming your way but for now you are saying no to them. Maybe they don’t interest you or maybe your cup is already too full, either way you don’t want to spend time and effort on something that doesn’t align to your calling. Don’t be afraid to say no at this point in time if this is how you feel. Keep in kind that it may not be a no but a not yet.

The 4 of cups can also indicate that you are bored and listless and feeling dissatisfied with life. If you are feeling this way, the urging from the cards is to look inwards and try and find the connection to your emotional self. When something hurts us, we tend to withdraw and shut down, so that we don’t feel so deeply. The shutting down is a coping mechanism and it happens automatically. The opening up however, takes some awareness and practice. Being dull and listless is a sign of not being connected to one’s emotions. Find that connection and you will find purpose and direction.

Go within and things will get clearer and lighter ❤️

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