~ November Reading ~

November brings with it a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of months gone by too fast, and a rush to do things before the year ends. The 11th month on a number 11 year is pretty significant and to top it, we have the Justice card appear in this reading, which is the number 11 card in Tarot. Lady Justice wears a blindfold and holds up the scales of balance, her sword cuts through any situation to give a fair and impartial judgement, she is not swayed by beauty or wealth in deciding what is fair and just.

If there are any pending legal matters it is likely that they will come to fruition in November. It is a good month for contracts to be signed and disputes to be settled. Rest assured that every situation will be dealt with in a fair and just matter, and for the highest good of all concerned.

In spiritual terms, 11.11 is usually a number that signifies activation and initiation. It’s a huge Yes from the universe, so expect some shifts in November.

This reading is in five parts, guidance for the material, the emotional, what needs action, what needs introspection and the message from Spirit.


The Material – If you are entering into a business partnership with friends or family it will reap just rewards. If you can involve family or friends in any endeavour it will be beneficial to you. Just having people pitch in can make the workload lighter and the journey so much more fun than doing it all alone. Even investments can be made easier when a group of people come together. Think about what your plans are and if you can benefit in inviting in some people with you.

The Emotional – there is potential for conflict and duality in November. Especially if you are working with friends and family, there can be misunderstandings and challenges. Make sure that you are not operating from misconceived notions of how things were in the past. If something does come up, step back from the situation and ask yourself how you could approach it differently, what is it that needs to be seen in the situation. Go with the assumption that everyone is putting in their best possible and it may very well be different from your best. In case of conflict, remember that things are never black or white and everyone has their own perspective and very often we simply cannot see the other persons point of view. Find your anchor within you and come from a solid place rather than get carried away at the moment.

Action – Whatever you choose to do, know that you are more powerful than you think. We don’t operate from the same level of power all the time. Like the moon cycles, our energy to get after things can wax and wane. So don’t get disheartened if you have an off day. Just re-coup your energy and come back full throttle another day. You also don’t need to run yourself to ground fighting every battle that comes your way. Leave some and lose some, so long you win the war.

Introspection – The cards are asking you to pay attention to your dreams. Your subconscious mind is sending you messages through your dreams. There are things that need attention, things that need to be seen which will come across in your dreams. Try and keep a dream diary. Just keep a diary and pen on your bedside and write the dream as soon as you wake from it, even if it is in the middle of the night. Soon you will notice a theme or pattern which need to be seen or resolved.

Message from Spirit – Spirit wants you to know that there is deep joy within you. Allow this joy come out and play in small everyday moments. It doesn’t have to be a big event for joy to make its appearance. Bring it out and every day will be a big event. Start with a smile and a laugh and soon you will find that you are smiling and laughing all the time because joy attracts more joy. Don’t seek outwards for it, look inward.

IMG-20181031-WA0008The First week of November is great for love and family and friends. Makes sense as it is Diwali time! You may not be in the party-mood every night and that’s alright. You don’t have to fake it with friends and family. Go as you are. If you are feeling low, go like that, they will understand. Sometimes we need to make space for all that we are feeling. Even if it is sadness or anger, make space for it and see how well it can hang out with happiness and love.

The Second week will probably see you sign some contracts or legal matters. It could be that you will sign a lease agreement. This is the culmination of a struggle you have had for some time. It may not have been a long one but it has been a difficult one. You can breathe a sigh of relief because it will finally be done.


By the Third week, you may feel that things are not turning out quite the way you expected them to. The problem is not that things are not good, the problem is the unrealistic expectations you had. This is the time to manage your expectations, downsize them, if you will, and see that things are actually quite good. You have to learn to walk before you can run.

The Last week may catch you feeling nervous and apprehensive about change and that’s quite normal. Everyone feels nervous before a big event or stepping into something new. Courage is not the absence of fear but doing what needs to be done despite the fear. Don’t let these pangs of nervousness stop you from stepping forward.

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