Page of cups

The Page of Cups invites you to open your mind, be curious like a child, explore all that interests your heart. The Page asks you to allow the bud of creativity within you to flower. To explore all new possibilities that present themselves to you and to trust your intuition.

When the Page comes to you, you know that there is a freshness and newness in the air. Like a babe who looks at the world with trusting eyes filled with wonder, so must you look at all the possibilities that are stretching before you. Where are they, you may ask?! They are either already around you or on their way to you, says the Page. Just look with eyes of trust vs. eyes of scepticism and you will be able to see them clearly.

You may want to explore a new aspect of yourself. Do that art class that you always wanted to do or so thing else which just sounds interesting. It is the right time to take this step in your life.

New possibilities are opening up for you right now, could be related to work or romance or even having a new baby. It’s just an idea now, a suggestion of what it could possibly become and will need nurturance so, say yes knowing it’s the long haul and not just a whimsy.

Have a lovely Monday 💕

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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