The Yin.

I had an interesting conversation the other day about favourite goddesses. Quan Yin was the first that I ever connected to – she is so open and so loving that it was so easy to fall in love with her. Then Durga came striding into my life and I found strength and protection in her arms. There is Oshun who made me connect with my essential feminine self. I love them all but if I had to make a pick, it would be Kali all the way. There is this primodial rawness in her energy, like she doesn’t consider anything but raw emotion and instinct, almost animalistic in nature. She tears apart what is obstructing her way to what she loves and is completely blatant in her sexuality and sexual desires. Yet, her arms are the arms of a mother, who has her heart so open and transparent that there is no doubt of her love.

As I make a slow journey through Women who run with wolves, N sends me Descent to the Goddess to sink into. And then today this card. The feminine in this universe is really demanding to be seen and acknowledged right now. Not externally but the inner yin inside us. That yin who has been over and under for far too much time. The Yin that over adapts and over gives, over compensates and over accommodates. That yin that is under nourished and under played, who tries to be under the radar so she is not noticed for the wrong reasons.

This is not us individually but the feminine across ages who doesn’t want power or even a place in a man’s world. This feminine just wants to be herself, the wild woman who wants to be free from the trappings of civilization and just be truly, totally, unashamedly herself.

Let her out today even if it is for a few heartbeats. Don’t turn away from what the heart longs for, even if it is just to acknowledge it and to give it a voice. For a few breaths let her breathe free and be part of the sisterhood of wild women.

In whatever shape or form, honour the divine feminine, within or without ❤️.

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5 thoughts on “The Yin.

  1. This card just feels so right… With Navratri and the #MeToo movement catching up, this just seems that time when the feminine wants to get noticed. So so apt.


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