There are no mistakes.

There are no mistakes or accidents, only divine timing and synchronicity. The universe is always working to make our soul plan happen and when we deviate too far from our path, situations, events, circumstances, happen to align us back to our souls path.

You may be wondering if anything will ever come together for you or if it’s happing to quickly now, if you are ready for it? The answer from the universe is yes, yes, yes! It’s happening!

Sometimes we are forced to let go of things we hold on to too tightly, sometimes the things we are trying to force our will upon, break. This is what happens when we deviate too far from our path. If you are in this situation right now, find solace in knowing that what is coming is right for you and is part of the divine plan.

The Bamboo plant does nothing much for the first few years of it’s life. Then right after it’s 5th birthday, it shoots up, tall and strong. It’s grown lovely strong roots in the 5 years and is ready for the lift off. So, if you’ve been waiting around, what seems like forever, and nothing seems to going on, think of the bamboo and think of this time as you gathering the strength and laying down the groundwork for what is about to come. When it happens it will look like it’s between one day and the next but it’s been a long time coming.

Trust in the divine timing. Your dreams and destiny are manifesting right now. You have not been forgotten, nor are your gifts under or over estimated. Make sure you are not in your own way. Breathe, relax and allow things to unfold.

Have a lovely day ❤️.

Published by Darpan

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