September 22. Be You.

If today you catch yourself saying ‘why am I like this?’, the answer is that you are the way you are because you are the the best version of the person who has chosen your path. This version of you has the best chance of success at the life you chose to lead.

Like with everything you can get to the next version, you.1.6 maybe 😉, but this takes time and you will evolve to it, if you are patient with yourself. Getting to the next version also means that you have to be fully accepting of this current version. It’s when you have embraced everything that makes you you, only then can you move to the next level.

The day calls for a celebration of you. All the things that make you, uniquely you. You can even do an exercise by writing down all that you live about yourself and all the stuff you don’t. And then go down the list saying ‘I love this or that about myself’ (both for stuff you like and stuff you dislike😊).

This is not just about being light, fluffy and feel good. The truth is that if we don’t love ourselves – warts and all – and celebrate it, we never give permission for anybody else to do it either. It must start with us.

Celebrate You today 😘

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