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Back with a difference

I've taken a rather long break this time, partly because I was doing a rather intense online course and partly because this hasn't been working for me for a while. I've really been missing the interactivity that comes with a live reading and I've been feeling like I'm talking at people rather than to them😒.… Continue reading Back with a difference

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8th March. Time.

This week ushers in some much needed energy of flow. It is a productive week but there is the energy of having enough time to breathe. If the last couple of months have been hectic for you, you will enjoy this week where things will fall into place without you needing to struggle or without… Continue reading 8th March. Time.

Weekly Reading

23rd Feb. Queen of Cups.

The Queen of cups is the Mother card for me. The Queen is compassionate, caring and nurturing. She has complete mastery over her emotions, which is to say that she is capable of feeling the depth and width of her emotions yet leaving room for the other, for theirs.  This week your Mom will be on… Continue reading 23rd Feb. Queen of Cups.

Weekly Reading

16th Feb. Half Moon.

You may have started down a path, taken a new project or decided a course of action for yourself. This week, if you happen to encounter an obstacle on this path, be assured that this is just the universe testing your commitment. It is the right path, the right choice and a hitch here is… Continue reading 16th Feb. Half Moon.

Weekly Reading

8th Feb. See.

The Eight of Cups suggests that there is some avoidance from your side. Maybe it's a health issue that you are refusing to get treated hoping that it will go away on its own. Maybe it's something to do with work or a relationship, maybe it's to do with a repeating pattern in your life.… Continue reading 8th Feb. See.

Weekly Reading

25th Jan. Wait.

The message this week is to slow down and to take one step at a time. Resist the desire to go rushing into windmills. But also don't procrastinate over the planing stage. Even if you are halfway there or have a general idea of the plan, allow yourself to start walking. It may seem slow, it… Continue reading 25th Jan. Wait.

Weekly Reading

Jan 18th. Movement.

This week you may find that you are in a stage of transition, it could be a physical step into the new and unknown or could be a spiritual step. Maybe it was an external circumstance that led to this movement or maybe you choose it. In either case, there is either angst or trepidation because… Continue reading Jan 18th. Movement.

Page of Pentacles
Weekly Reading

Jan 11th, 2021.

Happy 2021 ya'll! How has the first week of this year been for you?  Mine has been interesting - in the Chinese context of interesting! I have a shoulder injury which has required extensive physiotherapy so I'm floating about like a wounded soldier and I have to say that I've been whining frequently and vocally about… Continue reading Jan 11th, 2021.

Reading for the month

December 2020.

Maybe you will be in a spot where your conscience will raise some questions for you. Maybe you will feel like what you are doing is manipulative or not exactly above board. In this case, follow the letter of the law and not the spirit. Don't do anything illegal for sure but bend a little on your ideals and conscience for the greater good - yours or someone else's.

Weekly Reading

23rd Nov. Material things.

This week, you may feel like things are in place in the material front. Material is all that is touched and felt so it could be work and finance related or it could be home and hearth related. Maybe it's a physical change in situation and circumstance which is making you feel that you have… Continue reading 23rd Nov. Material things.

the mother wound
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Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

We all go through feelings of inadequacy, of self-criticism, of shyness in expressing our sensuality. We have all felt the separateness of our being, of feeling alone and misunderstood. There is a voice in our head that tells us to not-do-this, not-be-that which prescribes our limits to us. The mother wound is the collective wound… Continue reading Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

Weekly Reading

16th November

You may find yourself pulled in different directions this week. Maybe there will be different people clamouring for your attention. Maybe it's two different opportunities that have come your way. Maybe you want to leave but you also want to stay. Sometimes we are confronted with choices and we are not sure which one leads… Continue reading 16th November

receiving, mother wound,
Weekly Reading

Receiving. 9th Nov.

I love that this message comes a few days before Diwali. I have always thought that our relationship with Goddess Laxmi is somewhat complicated. We want to love her but allow ourselves only one day to fully embrace her. The rest of the days our love is compromised with feelings of guilt and undeservability. Today's… Continue reading Receiving. 9th Nov.

Reading for the month

November 2020.

It's November already! A part of me can't wait for this year to end! I've taken a longer break than I intended, thank you for checking up on me - all is well with me, just needed some time out and I'm happy to be back all perky and refreshed. November is a number 11… Continue reading November 2020.